Here you will find a list of my masterclasses and other international teaching projects with the latest and current projects always appearing on top.


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Impulstage / MUK Wien


22nd September, 10:00-11:10

„... so bald er aber den Rücken wandte, besahe ich seine Partituren..." 

Telemann und seine Kompositionsmethoden, und was wir von ihm lernen können 

2021 Klasik Keyifler 

from 1st to 9th September, Cappadocia, Turkey

Short description: Klasik Keyifler in Cappadocia, Turkey has been organizing concerts and masterclasses for over a decade. I feel very fortunate to have been invited to join the organization between 1st and 9th September in their 2021 edition. I am going to be holding classes and lectures on historical performance practice, harpsichord playing and improvisation as well as playing in concerts myself. The 2021 edition is focusing on string quartets and keyboard players. Please visit the following websites for further details and for application.