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Own Compositions

Concerto à 2 ex h

House Concert recorded on 2nd April 2021
the reconstructed 1829 Deutschmann Organ
Kálvin Square Reformed Church, Budapest


The two Youtube links above will direct you to the same House-Concert. One link shows the playing itself, the other the scores to all the pieces on the recording. 

Heinrich Scheidemann (1595 - 1663): Præambulum primi toni 

Márton Borsányi (1984 -): Chorale prelude on "O Heiland, reiß die Himmel auf"

Sei Versetti scritti per gli Amici with Subjects based on Names of Musicians 

Versetto I. in g
Versetto II. in d
Versetto III. in e
Versetto IV. in A
Versetto V. in C
Versetto VI in G

Chorale prelude on Christ ist erstanden 

Hieronymus Praetorius (1560 - 1629): Magnificat Primi Toni
I. Versus, Tonus in Tenore
II. Versus, Tonus in Discantu
III Versus, Tonus in Basso 
Kálvin orgona

House Concert


Róza Bene and Márton Borsányi, harpsichord

recorded on 1st March 2021


Johann Jacob Froberger (1616 - 1667): Partita auff Die Mayerin 


Instrument: Replica of the 1619 Johann Mayer harpsichord made by Werner Iten in 1975 This version of Froberger's Partita auff Die Mayerin is based mainly on the copy in Grimm's hand dated 1699.


Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683 - 1764): Les Tendres Plaintes

Instrument: Grand Ravalement after Colmar Ruckers made by Titus Crijnen in 2005 Piece is taken from "Pièces de clavecin avec une méthode pour la mécanique des doigts".


Márton Borsányi (1984 - ):

Ouverture in C "Persistente e Sognatore" for four hands 00:17:43 Róza Bene

primo Márton Borsányi - secondo


Here are four movements of my suite in c minor composed in the style of J. Duphly 

Here are two versions of a fuge in G major written on an own subject

Fugue in g minor written on a subject by Rudolf Lutz (as task of my diploma concert in 2014)

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